AVF Region India

Indian agricultural sector employs more than 50% of India's population and contributes to only 14% of the GDP. It is known that India is an agricultural economy and it has capacity to produce at least 3 crops in a year. The agricultural sector of India faces many problems

  • Low productivity level
  • Overuse of water and underdeveloped irrigation systems
  • Extensive use of fertilizer and continuous cultivation for years affected the fertility of land.
  • Small and fragmented landholders
  • Lack of innovation in agriculture

These are main obstacles in a country with a rising population and urbanization as well as depleted land resources.

Fresh safe food production is urgently needed  in a country where a majority lives on a mostly vegetarian diet.

Indoor/vertical farming has gained a great interest in India and is in high demand to innovate agriculture. The AVF Regional Chapter will help to spur knowledge and understanding as well as establishing training, pilot projects and cooperation.

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